Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) endeavors to support the education of students in healthcare fields. We are particularly interested in helping to facilitate the advanced education of all graduate nursing students. Please take a moment to complete the information below about the work you will be doing this semester at Boston Children's Hospital.

The professional advancement program for Advanced Practice Clinicians (APC) is a voluntary clinical leadership and career advancement program at Boston Children's Hospital. The Boston Children's Hospital Advanced Practice Professional Advancement Model incorporates Patricia Benner's five levels into a three level professional advancement model (level I–competent, level II–proficient, level III–expert).

The integration of the Synergy Model into the APRN professional advancement model led to the development of three domains: Clinical Practice and Outcomes, Impact and Leadership. Competencies, which support the knowledge and skills required for each domain, were developed based on an extensive review of the literature.

The purpose of this application is to submit all of the documents necessary to apply for professional advancement to APRN Level III.

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